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Donald Trump has launched an Executive Order pushing through the construction of Keystone XL AND Dakota Access Pipelines, regardless of what the Army Corps of Engineers or anyone else says.

I have NEVER felt as Cynical about U.S Politics as I feel right now....

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I have a word for it, but it's not as polite as cynical.

Well, America, you got what you voted for. I hope you're happy!

It's not what I freaking voted for, nor the other 92 million who voted Democratic. it's time to oust the Electoral College.

He doesn't care about Native Americans nor our warming planet. Why did they elect this guy again???

Because he played to the Lowest Common Denominator

Same here. This is the fucking worst.

I laughed when I first heard that Trump was going for President because I thought it was a joke and that there's no chance that he'd ever get elected. Still can't believe it really. Four years is too far away...

Back in the '30s, the Germans laughed at the idea of Hitler being Prime Minister....and look where THAT got them!

To say that the people voted for this, although most of them did not.

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