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New Rule: Stop Apologizing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
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Bill Maher is right! Heaven forbid us Liberals get outraged over REAL issues! Like the desecration of our Environment, the Pipelines, and the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan!

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Yeah he really nailed it. Social Justice Warriors ruined us.

Millions of Americans who couldn't afford Insurance on their own before Obamacare will soon be left to fend for themselves....but let's get outraged over the lack of Canon Transgender characters in Video Games and TV Shows.....because that's what's REALLY important!

Well we should do more to stand up to these SJW idiots and still push a pro environment,  pro economic justice agenda. We should also boycott and turn against every democratic lawmaker that supported Hillary in the primaries cause personality politics, identity politics, and cronyism go hand in hand with those so called leaders. Bernie would have destroyed Trump and everybody knows it. The democrats rigged the primaries and now we're all fucked.

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I love this guy. I love this video! I feel like people in Australia are starting to become quite cynical toward liberal ideas in general because of the increasing amount of ridiculousness and lack of focus on real issues. It's not good.

Bill Maher for President! Because at this point, why the fuck not?

I am certain that he would do a better job... I think my cockatiel would probably get a better job!

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