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Still one-hundred-twenty-odd days to go.

Unfortunately he is part of a growing trend of "younger" folks getting colon and rectal cancer. The rise in people under age 45 getting it has drastically increased. I do hope this brings more awareness of it. I can think of two or three people I've had with it in their mid to low 30s recently.

I'm glad his family was with him when he died.

I think a lot of that trend is because of lack of access to healthy food and lack of access to medical care.

Possibly, plus lack of fiber, too much processed meat, smoking/drinking, and obesity. The fiber thing is huge actually as a reason for colon cancer. People in the U.S on average eat less than half the recommended fiber intake. Combined with lack of movement, and less water than they should drink they end up with food sitting in the colon longer than normal.

Anyways, he was a good actor, so I am sad about his passing. He is too young. The fact he filmed all those movies will in stage III is testament to his strength of will.

I think a lot of THAT has to do with Americans being overworked and underpaid, I mean, when most americans are working 10-12 hours a day 5-7 days a week for wages too low to live on, it's EASY for healthy habits and other things that are REALLY important to become an afterthought...

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While I feel that celebrities get too much sympathy when they die, I do hope that the statement about his colon cancer raises awareness. So many people cling to celebrities for a multitude of reasons, and I hope those who follow entertainment/famous people closely stop and think about what it means to die so young from cancer. Nobody is untouchable, not even the rich and famous. It's very sad.

Nobody deserves to die of Cancer... except maybe Trump

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