March 18th, 2019

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Satoru Iwata: Russian gamers leave flowers in tribute to ...

I can't believe it's been 4 years already since Satoru Iwata lost his battle with Liver Cancer... Iwata may be gone but he's NEVER forgotten....

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My Saint Patricks' Day was good. It was neither "great" nor "terrible". I may be mostly Irish, but I don't really go out to a Pub to Celebrate because as far as I'm concerned, St. Patty's Day USED to be a celebration of Irish Culture and Heritage, but now to me it's just another excuse for Americans to get Shit-faced. (Like Americans don't already have enough excuses to get Shit-faced already.)

So I just paid homage to my roots by wearing a Celtic-Themed shirt, ordering Pizza, having a glass of Wine and listening to Irish Folk Music.

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