April 8th, 2019

Just for the LOLz

Little Johnny was walking home from School when these 2 Bullies stopped him in his tracks. The first Bully holds out 2 Quarters and says "Hey, Stupid! Here's 2 Quarters."
The second Bully holds out 4 Quarters and says "Bet you're too stupid to figure out which one is MORE".
Little Johnny takes the $0.50 and the Bullies continue to mock and berate poor little Johnny, and the old man who lived across from where this happened saw the whole thing.
After the Bullies left, the Old Man stopped Little Johnny and asked "Son, why do you let those punks mess with you like that? Why don't you just take the 4 Quarters?"
Little Johnny answered "because if I took the 4 Quarters they'd STOP! They've been doing this to me every day for the past 4 weeks and so far I've made twenty dollars...."