May 6th, 2019

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Today was supposed to be a great day. Instead, it ended up being an OK day.
Mom had her Post-OP Appointment and had her neck brace taken off finally. (yay)
Buuuuuuuut as we were waiting for the elevator to take us down to the lobby so we could leave, Grandma had Chest Pain, Jaw Pain, and Nausea, so we had to hail an Orderly to wheel her down to the ER (Located Conveniently for us on the ground floor next to the lobby.) An hour later, we got to leave the hospital after the EKG found nothing wrong. So we go out for dinner, and when we get to the Restaurant, Grandma walks outside, and smokes another Cigarette.
One would think that for a person who smokes, a Heart-Attack scare would be a big wake-up call that maybe-just maybe-it's time to QUIT. One would think.....
But at least the Neck Brace thing is behind us and Grandma leaves on thursday since we don't need her anymore.