November 25th, 2019

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Here's an [UPDATED] list of my favorite Cartoon Movies NOT made by Disney.
'The Land Before Time.'
'An American Tail.'
'Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest.'
'We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.'
'Beavis and Butthead do America.'
'Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius'
'Ice Age.'
'Hey Arnold! The Movie'
'The Powerpuff Girls Movie.'
'The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.'
'The Wild Thornberrys Movie.'
'Monster House.'
'The Simpsons Movie.'
'Kung Fu Panda.'
'How to Train your Dragon.'
'Despicable Me.'
'The Adventures of Tintin.'
'The Croods.'
'The Book of Life.'
'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'
'The Secret Life of Pets.'
'Detective Pikachu.'