A short Introduction.

Let me introduce myself, I'll keep it short and sweet and get straight to the point.

29. Female. Cisgender-Heterosexual. Vegetarian.

Religiously speaking, I identify as an Atheist.
Politically Speaking, I identify as an Anarcho-Socialist.
I'm very passionate about Art, Nature, Biodiversity, Sustainability and Social Justice.
I like to play Video Games, Garden, Hike, Bike, Read, Write, Swim and make things in my downtime.

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To any African Americans who may be reading this:
I acknowledge and value your humanity.
Your pain is MY pain too.
I will stand with you

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SEGA, The Pokemon Company, Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment, LEGO, and Disney have announced they're going to donate to Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and other Charities dedicated to ending Racial Injustice.